Strange Hood

Friday 21 October 2016 - Filed under Uncategorized

Just back from a business meeting in Nottingham/Sherwood forest. What’s next, doctors appointments in Narnia?

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Tuesday 11 October 2016 - Filed under Food

How long days at the office turn into quiet nights at home…

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Heart Broken

Monday 19 September 2016 - Filed under Soul

Our beloved Tukla died last Tuesday afternoon, September 13, from a blood clot.

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Um, Waiter, I’m Ready to Order Now.

Tuesday 16 August 2016 - Filed under Food + Soul


*notice the generous and sophisticated blanket/box fortress that has been constructed for “her wee majesty”

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Monday 15 August 2016 - Filed under Friends

Tickets confirmed, I’ll be in the Big D from 24 Sept to 1 Oct (Saturday to Saturday). I’ll just be able to fit in the opening day of the State Fair, while the toilet are unused and the frying oil is fresh.


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Monday 8 August 2016 - Filed under Hero + Soul

Tukla has been enjoying her life in Scotland.  The dairy is fantastic. The view of the birds from the window(s) is thrilling. And she is the most spoiled she has ever been, electric blankets and pads to defeat the Scottish cold, toys and boxes strategically placed for her amusement and she even gets the occasional trip to the garden or the front terrace looking out over the water of the firth. [Out in the back garden two weeks ago.]

So we were quite surprised last Sunday when she started to get sick. We kept an eye on her for a bit, but by Monday we thought it best to bring her into the vets. The vet was concerned, but uncertain and sent us home to keep watch. Come the morning, the poor “wee cat” – as she had suddenly come to be known – was visibly sick and her breathing was very laboured. We got her into the office as soon as it opened. She was dying. [With her IV bandage.]


Over the course of the day, the vet made it very clear that things were touch and go, but if they could get the immediate concern (fluid in the lungs) under control, then we might have a chance to treat the underlying malady (heart disease). C and I had a very rough 24 hours.

First thing Wednesday morning we were relieved to learn that she had survived the night at the vets and was beginning to get stronger. We continued to check on her through the day and by closing hours she was strong enough for us to take her home. The heart disease is incurable, but it can be treated. So she will be served  her favourite dollop of cream cheese twice a day (laced with meds) for the rest of her life.

I am thrilled to report that our “wee cat” has been getting stronger over the past couple of days and we continue to spoil her. [Below, on her new rug.]


We are enjoying these precious days together, whatever number they may be.

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Year’s End

Thursday 31 December 2015 - Filed under Random Mental Dishes

Sitting in my new office, listening to Everything But the Girl sorta loud because I’m the only one here. Everyone else is on holiday. The new digs are pretty nice and are much closer to my train station so all is good.

2015 has been full of many ups and downs, but overall I have to say more ups. We went to Malta and met C’s family, we moved to Scotland, I got a job, we lived in the heart of town for 6 months and it was fun, then we moved to the suburbs in a flat right on the water and it is gorgeous, we bought a car and a bunch of “stuff” (washing machine, couches, bed, chairs, stereo) so that life doesn’t seem so vagrant any more. I think 2016 will be more of the settling in and getting more and more into our schedule and comfort zone.

Yesterday we got our tickets to Barcelona for my birthday in February. I’m looking forward to the beach, the Gaudi architecture, the tapas and paella, plus just soaking in a little more sun and daylight than you get in Scotland in February. (It will prolly rain the whole time. snicker.)

Later, I hope to be making some plans to hit the big D in the spring or early summer.

Happy new year to everyone. Be safe. And here’s to a brilliant 2016!!

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Friday 18 December 2015 - Filed under Holidailies

There may be some positive changes in the future for my company. I’ve been through so many re-orgs and physical office moves in my career, most of them were not positive. My company is in the middle of both right now and I have to say I’m optimistic about the outcome of both.

Fingers crossed.

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Office Party

Thursday 17 December 2015 - Filed under That's Living

We just had our annual holiday Christmas party (they don’t mess with PC in these parts). They held it in a place called the Skybar and as the name suggests, the view was amazing! It looked directly onto the castle and out over the distance you could see the firth. It was breathtaking. Standing on the terrace and looking out over the city I was suddenly overwhelmed with this feeling, “oh shit…I live here. I actually live here”.

Double-Tree-The-Point 2

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Parks and Wreck

Wednesday 16 December 2015 - Filed under Random Mental Dishes

I was trying to figure out which character from Parks and Rec best represents me. Of course most people want to say Ron or even Leslie. In truth Donna is the quiet winner IMHO. But I’m not that cool.

So if I’m going to be honest with myself I’m more of a Jerry Gergich; my home life is WAY better than my office life. I’m probably a bit less disrespected than he is, I do make the office laugh as much as he does (albeit for different reasons), we have similar levels of ambition and we both appreciate a nice filing job.

Eggs, bacon and toast…

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