Year’s End

Thursday 31 December 2015 - Filed under Random Mental Dishes

Sitting in my new office, listening to Everything But the Girl sorta loud because I’m the only one here. Everyone else is on holiday. The new digs are pretty nice and are much closer to my train station so all is good.

2015 has been full of many ups and downs, but overall I have to say more ups. We went to Malta and met C’s family, we moved to Scotland, I got a job, we lived in the heart of town for 6 months and it was fun, then we moved to the suburbs in a flat right on the water and it is gorgeous, we bought a car and a bunch of “stuff” (washing machine, couches, bed, chairs, stereo) so that life doesn’t seem so vagrant any more. I think 2016 will be more of the settling in and getting more and more into our schedule and comfort zone.

Yesterday we got our tickets to Barcelona for my birthday in February. I’m looking forward to the beach, the Gaudi architecture, the tapas and paella, plus just soaking in a little more sun and daylight than you get in Scotland in February. (It will prolly rain the whole time. snicker.)

Later, I hope to be making some plans to hit the big D in the spring or early summer.

Happy new year to everyone. Be safe. And here’s to a brilliant 2016!!

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Friday 18 December 2015 - Filed under Holidailies

There may be some positive changes in the future for my company. I’ve been through so many re-orgs and physical office moves in my career, most of them were not positive. My company is in the middle of both right now and I have to say I’m optimistic about the outcome of both.

Fingers crossed.

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Office Party

Thursday 17 December 2015 - Filed under That's Living

We just had our annual holiday Christmas party (they don’t mess with PC in these parts). They held it in a place called the Skybar and as the name suggests, the view was amazing! It looked directly onto the castle and out over the distance you could see the firth. It was breathtaking. Standing on the terrace and looking out over the city I was suddenly overwhelmed with this feeling, “oh shit…I live here. I actually live here”.

Double-Tree-The-Point 2

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Parks and Wreck

Wednesday 16 December 2015 - Filed under Random Mental Dishes

I was trying to figure out which character from Parks and Rec best represents me. Of course most people want to say Ron or even Leslie. In truth Donna is the quiet winner IMHO. But I’m not that cool.

So if I’m going to be honest with myself I’m more of a Jerry Gergich; my home life is WAY better than my office life. I’m probably a bit less disrespected than he is, I do make the office laugh as much as he does (albeit for different reasons), we have similar levels of ambition and we both appreciate a nice filing job.

Eggs, bacon and toast…

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Binge and Purge

Tuesday 15 December 2015 - Filed under Blah

There is that thing where you are on a diet and you “accidentally” eat a bag of chips and then say to yourself, well I blew it, might as well eat this whole cake.

Yeah, I’m trying not to do that with missing my holidalies posting.

C and I are fairly simple people and we don’t really celebrate xmas, but this year we had big plans to sit on our new couch and listen to music. We got the music part set up in time, but the couch we were supposed to get did not fit up our narrow stairwell, so now we are back to the drawing board to find a couch and there is no way we will find one and have it delivered before xmas.

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Hi Fi

Monday 14 December 2015 - Filed under Music/Movie/Media

Just got the Sonos and the new speakers up and running and so far I’m a big fan. Now every phone, tablet or computer in my house is a remote control for the music selection and the volume. Set up was super easy and it coupled quickly with my devices and both my digital library and my Google Play subscription.

Don’t tell the wife, but I think I’ve also got my eye on the little room speaker.

Ps. it’s still fun and surprising to say “the wife”

Pps. I know I dropped the holidailies ball

Ppps. Isn’t the use of “ps” anachronistic

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Monday 14 December 2015 - Filed under Hero

You will not be punished for your anger,
you will be punished by your anger.
—Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) 

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Meet Eddie

Friday 11 December 2015 - Filed under Holidailies

In other (belated) news, last August C and I bought a car. It was the easiest most pleasant large purchase I’ve ever made. Before we moved to SQF we knew that a car would make our lives much easier and would provide us with the opportunity to explore Scotland more easily and on our terms. After a brief conversation with one of my coworkers we did a little research on a Friday night. We narrowed down our car to a Mini Cooper and found two that we liked the looks of, online any way. On Saturday morning we were eager to get shopping. We called the first shop, no answer. We called the second shop, open. A friendly, informative man answered, spoke to us about the car and gave us directions to his shop. After a couple hours checking out some more of his inventory, taking a test drive and talking politics, immigration, social history and Scottish culture, we decided we had found our car.  (It looks a bit like the Rav and the Miata had a baby.)


We went into his shop, asked him to drop his price, which he did, then we told him our details (no Id required), gave him our debit card, signed a couple of forms and drove away.

The next day we needed to buy some bedding. It took all day, running from place to place and nearly caused us to divorce.

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Media Freak Show

Thursday 10 December 2015 - Filed under Politics

My UK friends and colleagues are horrified by the Donald Trump show, and can’t understand his American supporters.

Meanwhile I’m personally grateful that the UK isn’t thinking about banning all Americans from their soil because they are all potentially hateful, gun-toting terrorists (however they are petitioning to get DT banned from the UK).

He is a dangerous clown, playing a dangerous game, and real people are/will suffer the consequences.

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Wednesday 9 December 2015 - Filed under Uncategorized

In 1986 I went to see The Fly with Jeff Goldblum. Truly an epic film. Beyond the overall impression it left on me I was permanently scared by the arm wrestling scene and forever inspired by the revelation of his closet. For those unfamiliar with film I will not detail the arm wrestling but the closet was filled with several of the exact same items. He had adopted a sort of civilian uniform. I have done more or less the same for much of my life. However, I have finally purchased 10 of the same black shirt which I wear with jeans every day and it makes me unreasonably happy.

Hence the urge to dance on public transportation.

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