Future Hope

Tuesday 17 January 2017 - Filed under Hero + Politics

Today I feel hope. In the past few weeks and days I’ve heard from friends I made in my teens, my twenties, my thirties and my forties many of whom are taking action in light of the current political climate. Friends who are marching in Portland, Austin, Denton, Oakland, Dallas, Edinburgh and London and family who are marching in DC. Folks who are donating money or time to charities, legal organisations, political parties and journalistic outfits. I’ve gotten messages of solidarity from clients around the world in various industries. There is a movement afoot (pun intended) and it gives me hope. Which is a much needed “commodity” in these times.

Additional inspiration:

The women achieved their goal of showing Iceland their value by essentially shutting down the country for a day.”



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Monday 16 January 2017 - Filed under Curiosities

[No. 1 in an ongoing series.]

I still can’t spell “rhythm” without help.

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Text Message Haiku

Sunday 15 January 2017 - Filed under Creations

wanted you to know
one chopstick fell behind sink
it was a brown one

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It Begins Today

Friday 13 January 2017 - Filed under Soul

Today was the first day when I could tell the light is beginning to return. More light in the morning, more light in the evening. The change is afoot. It is cold and snowy and certainly still the winter, but, ah, the light is coming back and everything will be just fine.

I love living with real seasons and real changes.

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A Bit of Reflection

Tuesday 10 January 2017 - Filed under Politics + Rant + Soul

I recently responded to an email from a friend and thought parts of it should perhaps go here as well:

Ah Brexit. That was the first of many very surprising mornings in 2016. We all went to bed so smuggly…absolutely certain that Remain would win. Of course Scotland voted overwhelmingly to stay, so I woke to realize that I live in quite a liberal bubble and much of rural England is akin to rural America. Many of my coworkers are EU and so the devastation of the vote was really felt around my office. Truly everything in the world had suddenly changed.

As for us, we still don’t know what it will mean for our being able to stay here. There are so many factors that we can’t yet know. Will there be a “grandfather” clause for those already here, what of the England/Scotland divide on the issue, when will it take place (will we be past our 5 year minimum stay requirement for residency application), will there be a backlash that will place all immigrants in the same basket of eviction, will any of my employment be able to offset/mitigate my application, what will become of the free movement of people in Europe in general? Right now we are inundated with media horror stories of long time residents being told to leave by home office bureaucrats. For the time being we just plan as if we will be able to stay and keep an eye on any new developments. But, I am now an immigrant in a world that increasingly wants “you people to go home”.

Likewise, I was so certain in reassuring my friends that Trump would drop out, never win the western states, lose the primary, be rejected at the convention, lose the women’s vote because of his pussy comments, never win the election, something else will stop him….  And at every turn I was wrong. Now the only “something else” I can think of is advocacy and protest so I’ll be joining the Women’s March in London. It may seem only a token gesture, but I look forward to meeting other motivated women/men and finding ways to continue to hatch plans and act politically for change.  (And yes, it is strange to do all this from abroad. As the “token American” I am often asked to explain the unimaginable and defend the indefensible, whether it be Trump, or health care, or black lives matter, or guns. In reality many of these things are the “superficial” reasons I found it easy to leave “America” – (that is outside the decision to leave my friends, family, community).
I fear we are living in an increasingly complicated world and we are being led by the narrowest of imaginations and the lowest common denominator of fears.
But in spite of it all, I do still carry the hope and belief that things are generally getting better and that this regression is just the riptide created by the progress that we have all recently made. So keep swimming, right!?
So here’s hoping/working for a better 2017.

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Something To Look Forward To

Thursday 5 January 2017 - Filed under That's Living

Just got the tickets for my birthday trip to Copenhagen for the first week of February. It’s not exactly a warm getaway break from the Scottish winter but it is a city that C wants to visit, and I’ve always enjoyed my time there. Most importantly, Its a nice work break to look forward to so that the January blues don’t grip so tightly.

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Wednesday 4 January 2017 - Filed under Creations + Food

I’m not likely to ever be on the Great British Bake Off TV show. Made my first attempt at Shortbread and it was a failure. To my credit, I am truly making it by hand. Since I don’t even own an electric hand mixer, creaming the butter and sugar is a cardio workout. And, since I didn’t use the right KIND of sugar (who knew) it didn’t happen properly so, I got flat biscuits (No, Ray, that isn’t a personal problem.)

They did have a lovely flavour of lemon zest, so I may try again.

But instead of GBBO, I have a different TV show idea. Like Professional Masterchef, but it’s for amateurs, and…here’s the catch…it’s couples and they have to make the best meal with only leftovers. Not only should the meal taste amazing, the couple still have to like each other after it’s made.

“Amateur Masterchefs, Doggiebag edition”.

I think C and I could be contenders!

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If Not Now, When?

Tuesday 3 January 2017 - Filed under Hero

Over the weekend I registered to join the growing tide of Women all over the world who are protesting on the first day after the next inauguration.

We will march, wherever we march, for the protection of our fundamental rights and for the safeguarding of freedoms threatened by recent political events. We unite and stand together for the dignity and equality of all peoples, for the safety and health of our planet and for the strength of our vibrant and diverse communities.

I just spent the morning finalising my travel plans to London. I see this as just the first step of taking a more active role in politics and progressing the human rights and dignity for all that I truly believe in. These are scary, difficult and very ugly times around the globe right now and I for one will not sit back and accept it without a fight.

I urge you to find a location near you and join the movement. If you can’t, then at least speak out, email your friends and family and let them know that misogyny is not OK, xenophobia is not OK, trampling the rights of others is not OK.

We must NEVER forget that the next administration is outnumbered and they LOST by almost 3 Million Votes and due to a system of gerrymandered districts/ voter’s rights abuses they control Congress. America is NOT Trump(uppet) country and it never will be.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

– Margaret Mead

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Monday 2 January 2017 - Filed under Food + Friends + Meme + Random Mental Dishes + Soul

Recently it has become very popular, at least in the UK, to use a particular Danish word, hygge (pronounced “HUE-gah”). It doesn’t have an exact English equivalent, but roughly it means “Enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Friends. Family. Graciousness. Contentment. Good feelings. A warm glow. Cosiness.”  It is that happy ease found in entertaining and easy to be around company.

So much hygge to you all this new year.


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Happy New Year

Sunday 1 January 2017 - Filed under Random Mental Dishes

Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears. – Rudyard Kipling

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