Bonsoir Brighton

Wednesday 11 March 2015 - Filed under Uncategorized

So our adventure ends much as it began; the three of us eating take out on the floor of an empty apartment. The movers have our stuff and we drive up tomorrow to begin anew. Tomorrow we trade England for Scotland.

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Notes on Potential Future Adventure

Monday 9 March 2015 - Filed under Soul

I’ve been looking into some cycling options in and around Edinburgh. I’ve found a couple of things that I would like to do all or part of some day.

First, and very do-able, the Coast and Castles cycle trail. It is a 200 mile trail that connects Newcastle, England to Edinburgh, Scotland. The route looks amazing and beautiful. I’ve seen a handful of groups who do supported rides on this route.

Secondly, and more ambitiously, I found the North Sea Cycle Route after researching the Coast and Castles. 6,200km and 8 countries. Even if one didn’t attempt the whole thing in one go, picking parts and bits now and again until the whole thing was completed would be a worthwhile goal.

Just things to consider.

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Monday 2 March 2015 - Filed under Hero

I am thrilled to announce the end of my fUNemployment and announce the start of my FUN employment. I have an official start date of 13 April with a cool technology/communications company in Edinburgh. It’s a 6-month contract, but I’m hoping I grow on ‘em.

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I Like to Move It

Thursday 26 February 2015 - Filed under Blah

We’ve booked our movers for 12 March and we have begun the tedious process of cancelling and/or changing our services and account details. Even though we’ve only been here a year we have accumulated some stuff and we are starting to whittle down to the essentials that will be coming with us.

Look for my address and contact info to be updated soon via the usual channels.

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What’s Love Got To Do With It

Saturday 21 February 2015 - Filed under Food

C and I really like duck breasts so they are a regular on our shopping list. Around Valentines day I saw they were on sale with a little heart on the packaging, stating, “romantic dinner for two”. So I picked up a few. When we opened the first pack we noticed one was seriously bigger than the other. No biggie. But after we had opened all of them we found a trend, every ” Valentines” pack was disproportionately sized. I’m sure somebody in the marketing department got a big pat on the back for this, but we were annoyed! Finally, the packs are back to normal, two evenly sized breasts.

Now I won’t say I won’t buy them because its a good sale and you can still dice them into a stir fry, but it is a lame idea and conveys a very narrow stereotype of how people live, and worse still its a good way to pick a fight on Valentines day.

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Blowing in the Wind

Tuesday 17 February 2015 - Filed under That's Living

So the day before I left for Berlin, C and I received a hand-delivered note that we mistook for an eviction notice. When we called to inquire our suspicions were confirmed. Since I was leaving the next day and we wouldn’t need to vacate until our lease was up in April we decided to “deal with it later”.

After I returned we began to look for new flats and decided that if we needed to move perhaps we should widen our search. Our new search zone became the whole of the UK. After some researching we narrowed it down to Bristol, Edinburgh, Brighton or Reading and I started to expand my job hunt to include those areas as well.

Shortly into our search we found a flat we liked only a few blocks from where we are now and when we called our letting agency to discuss our moving out requirements and deadlines we were surprised to find that the letter we received was NOT an eviction notice at all and it was all just a misunderstanding. So we didn’t need to move after all.

However, C and I currently have very shallow roots and we can easily be coerced by the shifting winds. After a little more research and a few short trips to the cities on our list we decided to try our luck in Scotland and we began to hatch a plan.

During C’s last workshop in Edinburgh I got (very unexpectedly) invited to a job interview there at the same time so regardless of the outcome of the interview we decided to use the opportunity to look for flats. Through a friend of a yoga friend we were offered a no commitment, short term lease of a flat right near the heart of things from which to look for a flat that suites us and gives me a place to continue my job search.

It’s all been happening very quickly, but sometimes that is how these things must be done…before your common sense catches up with you.

Whisky, golf, castles, haggis, kilts anyone?

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Move On

Sunday 15 February 2015 - Filed under That's Living

Its official! We are moving to Edinburgh in mid March. We have a flat in New Town that’s 20 minutes from the beach and very near the heart of downtown.

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Bonnie Scotland

Saturday 7 February 2015 - Filed under Random Mental Dishes

C is in Edinburgh and quite unexpectedly I am leaving tomorrow to join her.
Rumor has it there are a couple of expats looking at vacant flats.

to be continued…

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La Isla Bonita

Thursday 5 February 2015 - Filed under Soul + That's Living

C and I had a lovely time in Malta. It was 50% family time, 35% exploration time and 15% down time (the down time was mostly weather related and even some of the exploration time was done under an umbrella).

Malta is a wonderful mix of cultures, times and economies. It has stunning architecture, engineering marvels, masses of modernity’s mishaps and delicious bits of raw natural beauty peeking out from everywhere. It is very rocky, hard and quite dusty (even with the rain); truly a rock in the middle of the Mediterranean. At any given time it was governed by the Phoenicians, the Byzantines, the Greeks or the Roman empire. It’s been held under countless European monarchs, feudal lords and religious leaders. And if you look closely enough you can find some remnant of every one of them.

I expected the Maltese language to be in decline, but it is very much thriving among the Maltese despite the recent thrust of British that was forced upon them. Maltese is a Semitic language with a heavy dose of Italian. The Italian is fairly easy to make out, but the rest is remarkably impenetrable to my ear. Even so, English is still the lingua franca. For this reason immigration to Malta is very popular and you can find very authentic pockets of a myriad cultures and cuisines. Malta seems to absorb and adopt strangers fairly well. But because it is so small it has become the most densely populated area in the EU and one of the top in the world.

We were warmly welcomed by C’s family. Upon our arrival two of her cousins stopped by our flat and both of them opened their bags to reveal gifts of bread and other snacks (but mostly bread: Ħobż and Ftira). Over the course of our visit, I was given several recipes, details of the family history dating back the the 1700s and her 84 year old aunt absolutely delighted in trying to teach me naughty words in Maltese (in a not-too hushed voice so as to barely disturb the Catholic mass that was in attendance around the corner).

We visited the flat where C lived, the beaches where she swam and the sites where her family had homes before the areas were ruined modernized. It was really wonderful getting to see a bit of her young life as many of her childhood tales came into vivid color.

As we were driving back to the airport at the end of our trip our driver did his best to seduce us to moving to Malta. He drove us through the various neighborhoods, pointed out properties and teased us with the potential.

Unfortunately we both had to say “Not now” but I don’t think either of us were willing to give it a definite “No”.

For now we are both just happy that it is nearby and we look forward to exploring it again soon.

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It’s Alive!

Thursday 5 February 2015 - Filed under Blah

So C left for Scotland early Tuesday morning and I immediately fell into a feverish ball of sweat and yucki-ness for two days. I am only now coming to my senses. Not much of a birthday, but I’ve had others and expect to have a few more, so there’s that.

Big thanks to everyone for your kind wishes and warm greetings.

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